Society in Sambhal

Sambhal is a small town that is rich in history, culture and ethnic diversity. But what does Sambhal offer to its people as a society? Every town needs to maintain a hospitable environment that it can offer to its citizens and take care of their basic education, living conditions and medical facilities.

Vedanta initiative

Let’s have a look at such noble initiatives that aim at improving the quality of life of the poor and aggrieved people in Sambhal.

Islamic Education Society in Sambhal

The Islamic Education Society is an NGO in Sambhal that aims at providing education, removing poverty and providing town development. It was registered in 2005 and now offers free Urdu education to many children and also tries to help the needy by giving them assistance.

Address: Chaman Sarai, Sambhal
Pin code:-244302
Uttar Pradesh
Telephone Number:-9837879422
website:[email protected]

Khadi Gramoday Ashram in Sambhal

This NGO aims at bringing about a positive change by addressing issues such as minority welfare, education for poor children, finding solutions to civic problems, uplifting the Dalit community, tackling health and welfare issues, providing relief to the families of the differently-abled, making sure that everybody in town is getting clean water to drink, promoting arts and culture, etc. Their aim is to bring about harmony in the town by giving every citizen an equal opportunity to lead a good life.

Address: Mohalla Kota east near Kalki Vishnu Mandir, Sambhal district, Uttar Pradesh
Phone number:-9837546711
Email address:[email protected]

Vedanta Initiative Sambhal

Everybody has equal rights to live and avail basic necessities such as a balanced meal, a good education and good medical facilities. But these are still hard to obtain for several children in India who have to settle for a second hand life owing to poverty. They live in bad conditions and suffer from various illnesses which not only worries their poor parents but also leads them to take up drastic measures that are necessitated by bad situations.

The vedanta initiative is one such noble cause that aims at providing children with good nutrition, sound medical facilities and education.

Two-Way Approach

The initiative helps in two ways

  • It provides education for able students
  • It also helps in providing employment to the youth.

It helps in giving young children an opportunity to learn and avail basic education in life, in order to make them capable enough to take up a job and earn a good means of livelihood.

They also provide jobs to the unemployed youth from nearby villages who posses a degree and a good education, yet find it difficult to find jobs due to over population and insufficient job opportunities. These youth are enrolled as teachers and lecturers at various schools that support this initiative.

Shiksha Sambhal campaign in the city has helped many girls in providing them good education and become independent.

Sambhal Crafts Group

The Sambhal crafts group is a society that provides unemployed women with job opportunities by allowing them to create crafts and artifacts such as jewellery, showpieces, etc. This is a great initiative as not only does it provide the women with a means of sustainable livelihood but this type of hand-made art has also created a niche for itself in the world of arts and crafts.

This particular group was set up to create employment in clusters for the women from backward classes who could be freed from their menial jobs such as domestic workers and cleaners and give them a better option of creating something productive and marketable.

Although it still operates on a small scale, they do not take the workers and their work lightly and strive to give them the best possible resources to work with.

They abide by various rules and regulations to make the journey a pleasant experience for both the artisans and the employers. The following are some of the rules that these types of societies follow:-

  • They believe in the concept of fair trade. They strive to get the best price possible for the artisan's work in order to maintain long-term sustainability and a good rapport with them. This in turn motivates them to stay put and grow in potential and productivity.
  • They encourage newer artisans to join in and encourage the existing ones by training them in all the latest technologies available to keep them up to date. New designs and patterns are also adopted by these artisans from time to time.
  • They are protected from local middlemen who might abuse them and take them for a ride and are therefore provided with enough assistance to take their products to the markets and sell them for the right prices.
  • They ensure that the working conditions are clean and neat and are also well lit and there is room for ample ventilation. This helps in increasing the productivity.
  • They refrain from employing kids who are below the age of 17 and also help in freeing children below the age of 14 from sweat shops pertaining to the handicrafts industry and sending them back to schools.
  • They try to employ as many women as possible and give them top priority as these are mostly women centric organizations.
  • They allow the artisans to participate in trade fairs in order to get their word out and encourage them to work harder and establish themselves.
  • Expansion of business is their way ahead and employing as many unemployed women as possible will not only benefit them but will help in the upliftment of the society as a whole.
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