Administration in Sambhal

Sambhal is an extremely small town. Most of the town still remains slightly under-developed but that only helps in imparting an old world charm.

But every town, city or country for that matter, regardless of size, needs a set of governing bodies, that can bring about order and address the various needs of its citizens. An able body with strict and honest disciplinarians alone can bring about a change that can last long.

Nagar Palika Parishad Sambhal

The following is a comprehensive look at the town’s administrative set up.

Nagar Palika Parishad in Sambhal

The Nagar Palika Parishad in Sambhal was established in 1885. This institution was made to address the grievances of the public and provide basic facilities to the townsmen such as clean drinking water, street lights, etc.

The institution recently proposed a plan to develop the town with a set budget of Rs 6 crores. They plan to improve the condition of the roads, add in more street lights and fix the current lot, improve the drainage system of the town, provide clean drinking water to the masses, improve the cleanliness of the town by commissioning clean up drives etc.

A proposal to fix the Ghanta Ghar has also apparently been passed since the monument is of great significance and needs a much needed renovation. Their address and email id has been listed below where you can bring to their notice any issue that needs immediate attention.

Address: Besides Palika Maidan, Sambhal 244302
Today:10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone:094 12 338090
Email:[email protected]

Sambhal Civil Court

A civil court is one that delivers justice in civil cases that pertain to a towns civilians. Established in 1988, the Sambhal civil court is one of the first ones to have been set up in a tehsil in UP. The court has a slew of civil judges who provide judgement and relief in civil cases. Names and contact numbers of civil lawyers are easily available on the internet where any person in need of a lawyer can look it up.

Sambhal Police

Sambhal being a small town, makes it a little easy for the police to keep a vigil. But that does not mean the town is completely crime free. The police here are available at all times to provide you with any type of help with regard to crimes and criminals.

List of police stations and phone numbers:-

  • Sambhal, Moradabad - 244302
  • +(91)-9454404055
  • +(91)-5923-231457
  • Chaudhry Sarai Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh 244302
  • Kot Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh 244302
  • Tahsil Roadd, Hisampur Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh 244302

Manav Suraksha Association in Sambhal

The Sambhal Manav Suraksha Association, is an initiative that was set up to address the grievances of the public and provide the citizen of Sambhal with basic protection and rehabilitation. It generally contains a police station with police officers and their assistants and helpers. They might also contain holding cells or holding houses for the aggrieved as well as interrogation cells. Police quarters can also be a part of these buildings where police personnel might be provided with living facilities and other amenities.

Phone number +(91)-9837834335
Raisatti Kheda
Sambhal, Moradabad - 244302

All the above mentioned institutions work together to give a definite shape to the administrative set up of Sambhal.
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